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Granqvists Manufacturing has been specializing in the production of gloves since its inception and is a well-known and respected supplier on domestic and foreign markets.

The primary quality goal for Granqvists Manufacturing is to recognize and meet customer expectations. We achieve our goal by producing high-quality sports gloves under the LillSport® brand and specialist gloves under the Granqvists® brand.

All activities are carried out while ensuring the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

To meet the requirements of our customers and the growing competition, we declare that we will implement the quality policy by:


Introducing new products in line with customer requirements.

Maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest possible level.

Develop the organization of work in our company, which will ensure the conscious and full involvement of the staff and the use of their capabilities.

Providing environmentally friendly products and services at optimal costs.

Continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System in order to meet all legal regulations regarding environmental protection.


We are committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System and to provide the resources necessary to achieve the above quality objectives. We treat compliance with legal requirements as well as safety and environmental protection requirements related to our operations as a priority.


This Quality and Environment Policy is presented to all Granqvists Manufacturing employees for reading, understanding and application at all levels of the organization.

This message is displayed in prominent places in our company.



General Director Lasse Granqvists

Blękwit September 1, 2008

Quality and Environment Policy

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Granqvist Manufacturing, or the former Rek-Swed, is a manufacturer of specialized gloves for uniformed services around the world. Our gloves are used by NATO armies, the fire brigades of Scandinavian countries and Western Europe, and even the Indian army.

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