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Geographical reasons, i.e. the relative proximity to Sweden, as well as the existing infrastructure and experienced employees, made him start talks with Rek-Pol, which resulted in the combination of his capital and business skills with the technological capabilities of Rek-Pol, and finally the establishment of Rek-Swed Sp. . z o.o. with Lasse Granvist as main shareholder.

Rek-Swed continued to sell on the Polish market, but from that moment on, foreign markets, mainly Scandinavian ones, became its main customers. Under the Granqvist brand, gloves were produced and produced for uniformed services, i.e. fire brigade, army and police. On the other hand, under the lill-Sport brand, sports gloves for cross-country skiers. In winter, it is enough to turn on any sports channel broadcasting this discipline to see that most of the athletes wear lill-Sport gloves, sewn in Złotów.

At the beginning of its operation, the company employed a little over 40 people, producing an average of 3,000 to 4,000 pairs of gloves per month - mostly starting gloves.

How was the Polish Gloves Factory merged with the Swedish brand Granqvists AB? At the beginning of the 90s, in the period of political changes, the situation of many Polish companies was not easy. The Rek-Pol company, established in 1991, had a problem with finding its place in a free market economy.  At the same time, Lasse Granqvist, looking for a factory producing gloves, came to Poland. As a former sportsman - cross-country skier, already in the 1980s stated that there is a shortage of specialized gloves for practicing this sport discipline. Initially, it started producing locally in Sweden before moving to Finland. From there, he moved production to Yugoslavia, from which he had to quickly evacuate due to the war.

The genesis of Rek-Swed dates back to 1991. It was built on the foundations of the liquidated branch of the Gloves Factory in Miastko. As the name suggests, the main area of activity of the company was and remains the production of a wide range of gloves.The newly created Rek-Swed, using the valuable experience and skills of the employees of the liquidated branch, to a large extent retained the current profile of activity and continues the rich tradition of sewing gloves.

Throughout the almost 30-year period of the company's operation, numerous changes have been carried out in it and they concerned not only evolution and product improvement. In addition to improving the profile and production technology, the work efficiency was increased, the machine park was expanded in such a way that the ladies employed in sewing could work one shift, not two, thus having more time for themselves and their relatives.

Genesis and history


Granqvists Manufacturing (known as Rek-Swed Sp.z o.o. until August 2020) is a company with Swedish capital represented by Granqvists AB, well-known in Western markets. The current employment of the company is approx. 300 people, and the monthly production ranges from 12 to 20 thousand pairs, depending on the sewn model. To date, Rek-Swed can boast over 100 models of gloves, satisfying the tastes and needs of the most demanding customers.


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Granqvists Manufacturing - yesterday and today

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Granqvist Manufacturing, or the former Rek-Swed, is a manufacturer of specialized gloves for uniformed services around the world. Our gloves are used by NATO armies, the fire brigades of Scandinavian countries and Western Europe, and even the Indian army.

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